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Growing business is not easy as it demands a lot of effort. It requires everything from product creation to marketing plans and finally coming up with online presence. A well-designed website reflects your business idea and provide a commendable image of your services and brand. So, it necessary to make a great website design to attract right audience that will stay longer on your site. To build a profitable website you must needs to consider the requirements of users1 that may help you to grow your business to the next advanced level.

Did you like to spend time on site that is slow and ineffective? The answer is obviously ‘No’!! A good website design always gives appealing experience to its users. So, it’s crucial to invest in website design to get a polished website and best for your business.

An interactive and responsive website design get more general when it comes to defining if a brand can be trusted upon or not. A successful website design will be able to:

  • Attract right kind of customers
  • Present an accurate picture of the brand/services
  • Guide users properly to main services or products
  • Give users all the information in a catchy and comfortable way
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • To draw attention of visitors
  • Generate revenue for your business

Let’s see meticulously advanced web design tricks to grow business exponentially.

Use Video on Landing Page

Landing page is a first page that attracts user attention when they click on a link while searching. With attractive landing page design, you can convince visitors to explore your website. According to research, 78 percent of users watch videos every week. So, you can attract them by embed video on your landing page to rake your website design to next level of business. Auto-plays video can help to improve the efficiency of your businesses.

No doubt, content and images still important in any web design, but with embedding videos on landing page you can improve user experience as well as business profit. The reason behind using video on landing page is that people usually like watching more videos instead of reading content. It’s a best way to engage them in your services. But keep in mind that

  • Video should be related to your business
  • Video should be auto-play when person visit page
  • Video should not be too lengthy or too short

Call-to-Action to Grow Business

If you want to make your site profitable then, must add call-to-action button on your site. As, it is necessary when you are looking for some profit. These type of button attract user attention and make them eager to click when they will see something attractive. By incorporating some animation in your call-to-action there are more chances to increase conversion rate on your website. You can add call-to-action in different way like:

  • By adding button of “Get Started Free”
  • Ask people to share content on social media
  • sking for “Free Sign ups
  • By providing discount offer
  • Any many more

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is the latest design technique that has become popular in website designing. This is another best web design trend that helps to keep users entertained and engaged. In parallel scrolling design designers build an illusion of layers along with 2D scrolling to make a design more attractive. Parallel scrolling makes it easy to manage and prioritize your website content more easily.

The best part about this trick is that user doesn’t have to lift, it gives an illusion of different level and sense of animation.

  • Stimulate user with different level of depth
  • Increase user visit time on web
  • Emphasize high-level of creativity
  • Encourage professionalism


The website is a great example of how your visitors experience your services or products. So, your website design should be attractive to engage more user or to grow your business. Typography is often ignored, but an essential part of web design that shouldn’t be overlooked. Instead of simple content, you can be focused on typography either in logo designing or in middle of page or content to draw attention.

So, make your business grow by incorporating these ticks in your website design 🙂 For more feel free to contact us.