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Organic traffic is opposite to “paid traffic”. Organic traffic refers to the visitors who visit your website using different search engines. Organic traffic can be achieved organically through search engines, social media or as direct URL rather than paid promotion or advertisement content.  

Why Organic Traffic Matter?

  • Its free as compare to paid advertisement
  • Helps to drive new business
  • Provide authority to your websites
  • Gradual result
  • Long term benefits

There are many good ways that are used to get more organic traffic on your website using different strategies. In this article, we will touch top best approaches to drive organic traffic to your website.

Let’s start!!

Create Google My Business Account

To improve your local organic traffic, you must need to list your business in Google My Business account. Businesses that are listed in Google MY Business account gets 7x more visitors rather than an incomplete one. Listing helps people to search business near their location or on specific point. If your listing provides complete accurate information about your business, then you may get potential customers on your website who are looking for a business like yours.

So, don’t forget to list your website to get more organic traffic. My Google Business can help to boost your business’s local ranking on Google and improve your presence in different searches and map.

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Do On-Page SEO

Doing on-page SEO is one of the major factor that helps to increase rank and get more visitors on the website. There are many things to perform on-page SEO. Make sure your website has unique and high-quality content that is useful for your visitors, all your pages have optimized meta-title and meta-description. Must add alt tags in your website images and create internal links. This strategy may take a little time to boost your organic traffic but it’s really useful and mandatory.

On-Page SEO - DeDevelopers

Get Social by posting on Social Media

These days’ social media have become one of the best way to enhance your business. Social media is a free marketing tool that you can use to get traffic on your site by sharing your services on different platform like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. This marketing way is totally free and always put a great impact on your business as well as build trust towards your business.

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Get Listed

Another best strategy to get organic traffic is to get listed on different directories and sited related to your business. So, make sure timely update these listing in result to get more traffic. But always make sure to list your website on high authority websites.

Business Listing - DeDevelopers

Create High Value Content & Design

Your website is a first impression of your business or services. So make sure that design of your website is outstanding that reflect your business. On other side content of website also should be unique and informative to attract visitors. Low quality content can damage your business reputation.

Make Sure Website is Responsive and Fast

Google prefer fast and responsive website deisgns. A responsive web design gives an optimal experience to the user that helps to access the site from different size of screens. So always make sure that your website is fully responsive and fast. We even don’t like to visit websites that takes more than thirty seconds to load. Consequently, this factor has a great impact to maintain traffic on your website.

Create Blog

Creating blog and generating useful content for visitors is one of the best strategy to get organic traffic on your website. Did you hear that “Content is King” in SEO? Yes!! Creating high-value content and optimize it for keywords that people are mostly looking for on internet is best way to get organic traffic. This is also the best way to rank your website according to SEO as well as to get potential traffic on website through blogging.


Hard work always leads to get best reward. So, if you will put effort by applying different strategies on your website you will definably get good results.

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Enjoy Organic Traffic Now!!