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Keywords are fundamental element of Search Engine Optimization. If you are just using short-tail keywords and not following long-tail keywords strategy in SEO then, you are missing out!!

This article will provide a complete guide about how long-tail keywords are beneficial:

Let’s start!!

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

A long-tail keywords are phrase that contain more than three words. “Web development services usa”, “Web development services for small business” and “handmade cotton baby cloths” are examples of long tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are much easier to target as compared to general and short-tail keywords “Cloths”. These type of keywords help search engines to reflect user intention more precisely. 

Comparison between Long-tail and short-tail keywords?

Short tail keywords are beneficial if you have international level branding of your business. Otherwise its really difficult to come on first page of different search engines with generic keywords like “cloths” or “Men cloths”. These type of keywords are highly competitive and cost effective. 

On the other side, long-tail keywords are better cho9ice for your customers. They can be highly valuable if you know how to use them. Because long tail keywords are more specific to user query. These keywords reflect what the user really want to search.

Long-tail keywords are better choice for your business in:

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Lower Cost
  • Lower Competition

Let’s have a look on this comparison of long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords to better understand:

Benefits of Long-tail Keywords?

Why you should use long-tail keywords to improve ranking? Here we are going to mention major benefits:

Better Conversion Rates

Researches says that conversion rate with long tail keywords are 2.5 times higher than generic keywords. Long-tail keywords are usually consist of highly specific and less competitive terms.

Here is an example:

Short-tail keyword: cloths

Long-tail Keyword: fancy clothes for baby girl

Short-tail keywords are more generic as compared to long-tail. Long-tail keywords help to drive highly targeted visitors with intention of buying rather than generic keywords.  

Better Target Traffic:

The more you describe a word the better the results you will get. The same thing is applicable on long-tail keywords. People usually search with more specific phrases while looking for something on internet. So, if you want to target specific people you must use specific and descriptive keywords.

Less Competition:

Long-tail keywords have less competition as they are more specific to your business niche. So, these keywords don’t take as much effort to rank well on different search engines to target your audience.

How to find Long-tail Keywords?

Google Keywords Planner Tool:

 By using any single or two words you can find long tail keywords through Google Keyword planner tool. This tool will provide you different ideas on your niche including both long-tail and short-tail keywords.

Google’s Autocomplete Suggestions:

Google autocomplete suggestions plays a vital role in searching long-tail keywords with new trends. It tells you what people are mostly looking for.

Google’s related Searches:

Long tail keywords are also easy to discover and you can create a substantial list in minutes with related searches of Google:

Long-tail keywords

In SEO, if you are creating content for your web pages and optimizing it with long-tail keywords don’t forget to measure you traffic and ranking. This will help you to build your reputation and improve SEO for your business.

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