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In SEO – Content is King and it always will be!!

SEO content strategy helps to make your content viral. It just like to get noticed in a crowd. With good content and SEO strategy, you can get visible in the crowded marketplace. Otherwise, content without SEO norms will be meaningless to make your business more visible.

SEO and Content are just like best friends together.

The better you will pair these the more they will be profitable for your business. In this article, we are going to explain that how can you write SEO friendly content to boost your business.

Create Interesting and Useful Content

According to SEO content strategy – Think Before Write.

SEO Content Strategy - DeDevelopers

SEO and Content has a great relation to explain the term SEO content strategy. This aim of this article is to provide the importance of content for SEO. And how can you write best content to improve business and sales?

So firstly, think what is the purpose of writing? Secondly, make sure that you are writing to your users. In short, the aim of content writing should be interacting with your audience by defining the expertise of your brand in a useful way.

Moreover, don’t copy stuff – write on your own as Google loves unique content and can give you a spike in traffic in a short time period. A unique and useful content perform well in searches from SEO point of view. Search engines filter unique content with duplicate content. Therefore, your focus should be on providing unique and useful content.

While writing must keep in mind that what you want from your audience after reading your content.

Content should be:

  • Informative and useful
  • High quality
  • Interesting to read
  • Engaging & credible

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Know your Target Audience

Search engine optimization helps to improve your visibility in search engines and to get more traffic on your website. For this purpose, you must have to apply a good content strategy on your website or blog. To promote your brand, you just need to explore your target audience. Marketers usually spent time on the website to a target audience.

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The same strategy is applicable to the content of the site. You just need to understand the main points, interest, experience s of your audience to deliver more impactful and engraining content. This will help in improving sales and to achieve long-term business growth.

If you do not pay attention to know your target audience, you will not be able to create best suited piece of content.

Use Strong Title

Searches says that on the internet 80% of people just read title and rest go for post. So, if your title is catchy and according to SEO strategies it can bring traffic on your site.

Now question is how should be your post title according to content strategy of SEO?

  • Make a catchy title with your keyword
  • Try to add a number or special words (Top, Best etc.) in your title
  • Keep title length short and precise

For reader’s page or post, the title is the first thing that convinces them to open page. So, write a title that makes an enormous impact on people.

Give a Structure to your Content

Do you love to reading content written in a single paragraph without headings or proper structure?

The answer will be No!!

Header tags help to create the structure of content. It improves context readability and SEO as well. Using headings makes better quality, more easily readable text. So, the ultimately better text is better for users, which is better for your SEO.

When you write content in a proper structure, it will provide you an opportunity to make it SEO friendly. You can use synonyms of your main keywords in subheadings to make it more search engine friendly.

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Tactfully Stuff Keywords

One of the most important thing about content strategy is keyword stuffing. Before writing your article, first, decide your keywords and list down their LSI keywords. Once you have selected keywords wisely, then use these keywords in title, heading, the main body very tactfully.

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