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In a today competitive world, anyone who has a digital presence on the internet wants to grow their business. Everyone in a race to become visible on top of search engines to get more productivity for their business. For this purpose, they are doing SEO techniques or marketing to meet business objectives.

Millions of people search every day on search engines to get answers to their queries. So, SEO can help you to get appear on top of searches. When you are just starting out with website development – it’s the best time to start thinking about SEO to grow your business.

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Search Engine Optimization is important because:

  • Improve website vicinity in different search engines
  • Help to gain more visitors on website
  • Better ROI
  • Provides business credibility
  • SEO provide unmatched insight into your customers

If you’re in the early stages of developing or launching a new website, here are main steps that you can take to get your new website into heights.

Choose Domain Name Wisely

Choosing right domain is one of the most important decision while developing website. From SEO point of view, domain name also has a vital role. It has a massive impact all over the web from searches to advertising. Your business gets famous in internet world with your domain name. let’s discuss factors related to SEO that you may need to consider while choosing right domain name for your business:

right domain name for SEO

Easily Recognizable

Always select a domain name that presents your business or what your services are. In other words, your domain name should match your business that won’t leave people wondering what your business is about. Having a right domain name can help you to target right audience for your business,

Avoid Exact Match Domain (EMD)

Don’t try to stuff your keyword in your domain name. Google considers these as spammy sites with exact match domain & doesn’t give much value as compared to brand name

For example:

So, try to keep your domain name short and relevant to your business

Get Top Level Domain (TLD)

These are more trusted and recognizable. They refer to the extension that follows your domain name like, .com .biz, .info, .us etc.

Shorter URLs

Short URLs are always better so try to keep your domain name shorter. It must be under 15 characters in length or less for better SEO experience

Try to Avoid Hyphen & Numbers

in your domain name. They reduce domain credibility and are associated with spammy websites.

Include Meta Title & Description

Meta title and meta description are two major factors in SEO that understand and tells that what your page is about. Meta title tag appear as heading in search results and meta descriptions are usually appeared as bio of your business in searches. The below images is showing how the title tag and description shows up in Google search results.

This is the main reason why you must have to put meta tag and description as it helps your search results to stand out.

Optimize Headings

Break your page content in different level of header tags for best SEO practices. Keep your header tags consistent and stuff your keywords. According to SEO practice, each web page must include one H1 header tag to represent your page including keywords. These tags helps to provide better structure of content to people and search engines.

The above image is showing that H1 is the most important header tag that you must have to include in each page. For sub heading you can sue H2 tag. Sub sequential tags H3- H6 are sub heading to split content. Therefore, to forget to optimize header tags for your new website.

Add Alt Text for Images

You should optimize your website images by adding image name and alt tags according to keywords. Alt tag should be relevant to your image and page content. This SEO technique helps search engines to find images in a better way according to your keywords.

To make your images popular you need to add accurate all text in your all images. This will help to stand much higher in search Engine image searches.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

The next main thing that you can’t ignore to make your website SEO friendly is responsive website design. Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile – 80% of internet users has smartphones. So, start thinking about making your website mobile friendly for better user experience and SEO strategy.

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You can check your mobile friendly test to make sure. Apart from these, you can also use Google PageSpeed Insights that gives you solutions to solve your website’s problems and increase speed.

Mobile Friendly Webdeisgn Services - DeDevelopers

Boost Website Speed

Has page speed affected your website ranking? Let’s read few words to understand this. Nobody including you loves to wait for a site that is taking time to load.

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According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.

Google also pays more attention to sites with better website speed 7 deliver ranking bonus. If your competitors have better speed result, Google will help to move up their page on basis of speed test result as well.

So, do it right know for your users.

Quality Content on Website

Relevant and interesting content always help to attract users on your site. In SEO it is saying that “Content is King”. So, there is no hope to get higher ranking in search engines without quality content.

According to SEO content powerful strategy, content has power to convince user to buy your services or products. That means you must boost your content to get influential visibility. Don’t forget to includes phrases or keywords that reflect what your services are.

Internal Linking

Link building is one of the key factor of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Internal linking connects one page of website to other pages. So, after putting quality content on your website do internal linking by placing keywords or phrases in pages. Google find your pages or posts when they are linking on a webpage. It also gives idea to google about your web structure or top priority pages.

Social Buttons

One of the important thing that you have to do while making site is social buttons. Adding social media links or sharing buttons or your website or blog helps to grow business visibility. You’ll also be able to accomplish other objectives and goals by presenting your social media accounts links on your website. It helps in

  • Link building
  • Get more visibility
  • Improving ranking in search results

Setup Google Analytics and Search Console

Google Webmaster tool - dedevelopers

Setup you google analytics and webmaster tool to see different aspect of your site including internal, external links, website traffic, performance, improvements, keywords typed by users to search your website, sit statistics and many more.

Make Further Off-Page SEO Plan

After applying all basic SEO techniques on your website, now you have to do link-building. Following is a list of Off-page SEO techniques that you can use to build links.

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  • Business Listing
  • Bookmarking
  • Directory-submission
  • Web 2.0 submission
  • Article submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum Posting
  • Guest posting
  • PPT Sharing
  • Photo sharing
  • Video Marketing

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