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A logo is most visible aspect of a business or entity to identify their niche in the market. It comes in different colors, shapes, fonts, style according to brand distinctiveness. A unique and strong logo convey your business vision in people minds and grab attention in less than 2 seconds.

The design of logo has powerful influence on people’s perception about their decision and attitude towards your brand.

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“Design is the Silent Ambassador of your Brand”

Paul Rand

What makes a good Logo?

A professional logo should be able to convey the intend message of business – appropriate, distinctive and practical graphic approach makes it good. The concept of the logo should be clear before starting any logo design process. A great logo basically wraps up in two things: great concept and great execution process

Let’s understand what makes it good.

  • Relevant
  • Versatile
  • Iconic


A great logo design should be distinctive enough to get easily recognized anywhere. In other words, It must have to be relevant to your business niche for your target audience. So, that your audience can easily identify what your business is about and, what services you are providing.

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A logo should be versatile – looks equally good across a variety of applications and media. For this purpose, logo design should be considered in vector format, to make sure that they gauge to any size.


A logo is the visual personification of your brand or services. It’s an identity that draws people attention to your business. A logo should be iconic as’ in MacDonald Logo is iconic.

Do not over complicate your logo design ever.

Logo Design Process

Logo Design is more than just putting your name on a simple image. It’s a complete process from idea to conclusion. Every project with different scope goes through different processes to get it complete. Logo Design also comes in different phases from creating and developing the design. 

In simplest words, this process starts with clients’

  • Ideas and needs through meeting
  • Understanding
  • Researching
  • Creating and developing Design
  • Presentation
  • Creation of Logo Files
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Principles of Effective Logo Design

Properly Understand Business Idea

The first principle in the effective logo design process is understanding of main business idea – what business is? and what business is about?

To understand client’s need once must ask question answers to develop understanding.

Eventually, the purpose of understanding business idea is to help the designer understand the project more easily, so they can better communicate though initial design process.

Simple and Eye-Catching

A logo is easily recognizable and memorable with simplicity. So, Simple and Eye-catching logo can bring extra attention to your business. Try to make your logo unique or unexpected without being multifarious.

Be creative – Don’t make a copy

Secondly, Keep in mind that logo design should be unique. Therefore, this is the most important tip and principle while designing for brand or products. If you want your business to be easily identifiable, be unique!!

Yess!! Get inspired with great logos but don’t look to copy them. Let’s your Logo Speak for your company

Design a Timeless Logo

An effective logo design should be timeless that can stand for a long time. Ultimately, logo should be able to adapt to fit for everything, every time.

“Leave trends to the fashion industry. Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.”

— David Airey

Benefits of Professional and Effective Logo Design

  • Make a first strong impression
  • Reveal your brand identity
  • Distinguish your business from Others
  • Increase Brand Loyalty

We will also guide you to understand the importance of logo design trend in 2019.

How to choose a Logo Designer?

As you know that logo is a key identity of your business and, if it looks unprofessional and tacky, there is a chance you may end up to get potential customers. As we’ve already discussed the vital tips for effective logo design but you should be selective while choosing a logo designer or logo design company in the UK.

You should consider following things

  • Do they have revenant experience or proper track?
  • Professionalism & Communication
  • Their Designing Process
  • Testimonials and Achievements

However, A good logo design always inspires customers to trust you brand to deliver what they’re expecting.

In Conclusion, it is clear that a logo is a silent scream of your company or services that should be unique. DeDevelopers is one of the best provider of affordable custom logo designs in London, UK. We understand the value of your business and deliver best and quality results. To get more information feel free to contact us.

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